Castable : SURYA Heat A, K and C

White Heat castables are produced in three grades, designated as SURYA Heat-A, SURYA Heat-K and SURYA Heat-C. All contain the special high purity, high alumina refractory binder. Typical properties of these castable, including data on strength, conductivity and chemical composition are provided in the table at the bottom of this page. Each grade of SURYA Heat castable is used for a specific service temperature and environment.


SURYA Heat-A is a high purity, high alumina castable of exceptional quality with an alumina content of over 90% and with very low silica and iron contents. Hence, it is used for service temperatures up to 1750ºC and can resist attack from process gas atmospheres containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen. SURYA Heat-A is particularly suitable for use in coke ovens, gas production plants as well as gasification plants and is also used: • in the iron and steel industry for lining blast furnaces and for skew backs, ports and roof lining of arc-melting furnaces • in the non-ferrous metal industry to line reverberatory furnaces where high purity aluminium is produced • in reactors of refineries as well as in fertiliser plants where castables with a high degree of resistance to carbon monoxide, hydrogen and ammonia are desired • for lining of preheaters/converters and on all transfer lines


SURYA Heat-K, which has an alumina content of 60% can be used for service temperatures upto 1600ºC. This castable also has a low iron content and can resist carbon monoxide attack. SURYA Heat-K can be used in: • blast furnaces • foundries • boiler industry stoker arches • locations where reducing atmospheres are encountered • construction of soak pit covers, forge furnaces, tunnel kilns, heat treatment furnace car tops as well as electro- phosphorus furnaces


SURYA Heat-C is a castable with about 50% alumina and serves as a general purpose high temperature castable required for service temperatures up to 1500ºC.
SURYA Heat-C is suitable for use in:
• Iron and steel industry
• Semi-permanent foundries
• Annealing furnaces
• Stress relieving furnaces
• Construction of special refractory shapes, monolithic convection sections in water tube boilers, ash-hopper linings and incinerator arches

Packaging and Storage